Input warning when changing the taxes or assessment on your listing


When you go into your listing and update the tax amount and/or assessment, Matrix will automatically check the data in a preemptive attempt to avoid saving the listing with substantially incorrect information.  Some of the fields in Add/Edit have built-in ranges or thresholds that will cause a warning to be triggered if the figure entered falls outside of what is considered to be normal.

For instance, the tax amount should generally be less than or equal to 5% of the list price.  If your finger slips and you enter an extra digit in your tax amount so it is now much more than 5% of the list price, the warning appears (when you hit Submit Listing) to alert you to the possible problem, giving you a chance to review your work before saving it live to the system.

Note: Input Warnings do not appear until you hit Submit Listing.  They do not appear as you are entering data in a field, or after you have moved to another field.  Unless you are paying close attention to what you enter in each field, you may not be aware of an typing error until you go to save your work.


Here is an example of an Input Warning surrounding tax information fields:



At this point, you can either click Continue Editing to get back to the Add/Edit section so you can double check your work, or, if you are confident that you have not made any errors, you can simply click Submit Listing a second time to save your work.  It might be worth an extra minute of your time to go back and make sure that the figures you entered for tax amount and/or assessment are accurate, rather than run the risk of having significantly inaccurate data on your listing.

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