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In the summer of 2021, SmartMLS created a new sub-category for the Active status, known as Under Agreement (UA). This was designed for those instances where, rather than having a binding contract in place, you have a meeting of the minds that has been documented by a memorandum of terms, offer to purchase or other type of non-binding agreement. These listings remain in the MLS as an Active status listing, but are required to use the Under Agreement flag. Doing so allows other agents and their buyers to know that the property is still for sale, but is currently subject to a non-binding agreement.

In instances where a listing with an Under Agreement flag cannot be shown, the status must be changed to Temporarily off Market (TEMP) with the Under Agreement flag remaining in place.

If you have a listing where this type of situation is applicable, you can enable the Under Agreement flag by going to Add/Edit, selecting the desired listing and clicking the Change to Active (Under Agreement) Y/N form:



Set the Enter Under Agreement Yes/No field to Yes and use the Enter Date Under Agreement field to note the date of the agreement:



Don't forget to click Submit Listing to save your changes.


Listings that are set to Under Agreement will have a UA next to the list number on the Single Line display. In other displays, such as the Agent Full, there will be text next to the Status field that shows the property is under a non-binding purchase agreement:




If you have activated the Under Agreement flag and need to turn it off, go to Add/Edit, select the listing and select the Change to Active (Under Agreement) Y/N form:



Switch the Enter Under Agreement Yes/No field to No and click Submit Listing:



This will remove the text on the listing and it will return to just showing Active.




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