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In the summer of 2021, SmartMLS created a new sub-category for the Active status, known as Under Review (OUR). This was designed for those instances where your seller has received multiple offers from interested buyers and needs a little time to go through them. This is a temporary flag that will automatically be removed by the Matrix system after 48 hours.

Note: you do not have to leave your listing in Under Review for the full 48 hours. If it only takes your seller 24 hours to review all of the offers they have received, you can manually remove the flag after 24 hours.

If you have a listing where your seller needs a little time to review multiple offers (and will not be allowing showings during this process), you are required to use the Under Review flag.

You can enable the Under Review flag by going to Add/Edit, selecting the desired listing and clicking the Change to Active (Under Review) Y/N form:




Set the Are Offers Under Review Yes/No field to Yes :




Don't forget to click Submit Listing to save your changes.


Listings that are set to Under Review will have a OUR next to the list number on the Single Line display:





In other displays, such as the Agent Full, there will be text next to the Status field that shows that offers are being reviewed :




Note : while a listing has an active Under Review flag, no showings will be allowed through ShowingTime. The ShowingTime icon will still be on the listing, but the following message will appear when it is clicked:




Once the Under Review flag is removed, the ShowingTime icon will allow showings to be requested once again.



If you have activated the Under Review flag and need to turn it off, go to Add/Edit, select the listing and select the Change to Active (Offers Under Review) Y/N form:




Switch the Are Offers Under Review Yes/No field to No and click Submit Listing:




This will remove the text on the listing and it will return to just showing Active.




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