Extending a listing before it expires


You can extend the expiration date of an active listing any time prior to the expiration date.  Just go to the Add/Edit tab, select the desired listing and click Extend Expiration Date :



The current expiration date will display on the left side of the screen. Use the Enter New Expiration Date field on the right to put in the new expiration date:




Click Submit Listing when you're finished.



If you don't get to entering the extension until after the listing expires, you can still extend it within the first 3 days after it expires. Click here for instructions on this.

If it is beyond 3 days, you cannot extend the listing and will have to get a new contract and relist the property from scratch. The only exception to this rule is if you had gotten the signed extension from the homeowner prior to the original expiration date but never actually extended the listing- then MLS staff can extend the listing for you (after you send us the signed and dated extension).


*** If you are extending the listing yourself (either before it expires or within the 3 day window after it expires) SmartMLS does not need any paperwork. We only require paperwork if you are asking us to extend the listing for you. ***




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