Extend an Expired listing


Listings can be extended anytime prior to the expiration date (while still in the Active, Under Contract- Continue to Show, Temporary Off Market or Withdrawn status).  

Additionally, they can be extended within the first 3 days after the listing expires, provided you have an extension with the seller that was signed prior to the expiration date.

Go to the Add/Edit tab in Matrix and select the Expired listing from the drop-down box. 
Select Change to Active & Extend Expiration Date:


Enter the new Expiration Date and Back on Market Date (generally, this will be the current date):


Click Submit Listing

Your listing will be Active with a Change Type of BOM (Back on Market).


If it has been more than 3 days since the listing expired, you must get a new listing agreement with the seller and relist the property as New. 


Per SmartMLS Rules & Regulations:

Section 4.16 Expiration, Extension, Renewal and Reactivation of Listings.

Any Listing Filed with the Service automatically expires as of midnight on the expiration date specified in the Listing Agreement, unless the expiration date under the Listing Agreement has been extended by the Listing Broker and the Seller, and, prior to that expiration date, the Listing Broker:

  • obtains written authorization of such extension signed by the Seller and
  • Files with the Service a notice of the extension of the expiration date. An expired Listing may be reactivated if, within three (3) days after the original expiration date of the Listing, the Listing Broker:
  • Files with the Service a notice of reactivation of the Listing and obtains written authorization extending the original expiration date signed by the Seller.
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