Listing multiple properties separately and/or as a package


  1. Enter each parcel separately in Matrix (if needed).
  2. Enter the package (this can be done one of two ways):
  • Either use the Parcel ID of the largest parcel (preferred way) or use 999999999 as the Parcel ID.
  • Then adjust the following fields to reflect the total of all the parcels:
    • Assessment
    • Taxes
    • Square Footage
    • Acreage
  • You must use the combined assessments and tax amounts for all parcels included in the listing.  This is the most accurate way to give the complete picture of what your buyer can be expected to pay in property taxes.

         This means that:

      • The assessment amount would be calculated as follows: Parcel 1 assessment + Parcel 2 assessment + etc.= Total Listing Assessment
      • The tax amount would be calculated as follows: Parcel 1 Tax Amount + Parcel 2 Tax Amount + etc.= Total Tax Amount
  • You must also include the current mil rate and tax year.
  • Remember to spell out how you determined these amounts and where other agents can find the information you used to get the Total Listing Assessment and Total Tax Amount.  The best place to do this is in the Confidential Agent Only Remarks.  You should include the address of each parcel, its unique MLS parcel ID, the assessment amount and tax amount.

123 Main St, Any Town, CT 06xxx, PID 123456789, Assessment $123,456, Tax Amount $1,234

124 Main St, Any Town, CT 06xxx, PID 234567890, Assessment $234,567, Tax Amount $2,345


  1. Cross reference all other individual parcels, as well as the package, by entering their MLS numbers in Remarks.
  2. When title passes, agent must notify SmartMLS as to which listings (individual or package) will be retained as Closed and which should be deleted as duplicate listings.


When listing multiple properties separately or as a package, it is permissible to have just one listing agreement as long as each individual lot's prices and the whole package's price are spelled out.

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