How to enter a Withhold from MLS listing


If your seller has expressed their desire to not have their property listed on SmartMLS, and thus not benefit from the exposure to our 22,000+ subscribers and their clients, you still must enter the listing in Matrix.  However, there is a mechanism during listing input that allows you to designate the listing as a Withhold from MLS listing.  By doing so, no one besides you, your office management hierarchy and SmartMLS staff will ever know that the listing is there.

When you are on the Status tab in Add/Edit, there is a section at the bottom that allows you to withhold the listing from the MLS:



Please make sure to read this section carefully so you get a full understanding of what you and the seller are agreeing to when marking a listing Withhold from MLS.

Just put a check in the box and, when you save the listing, it will be designated as a Withhold from MLS listing.

Additionally, make sure to upload the Withhold from MLS form once you have saved the listing. There is a separate document type for the Withhold paperwork (Private- Withheld Authorization Form(s)) at the bottom of the Supplement Type drop down menu:



As a refresher, here are the instructions for uploading private documents in Matrix.



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