Make changes to a Withhold from MLS listing

When you enter a Withhold from MLS listing in Matrix, you will have the ability to make changes to the listing throughout its life cycle, just as you would for a traditional listing. One of our main hopes is that, when a Withhold from MLS listing eventually closes, we will have that listing as a Comp Only listing with the most accurate information as possible.  That way, when other Matrix users include it as a comparable property in a CMA sometime in the future, it will be an accurate and useful comp.

Within the first 30 days of being entered into Matrix as a Withhold from MLS listing, you will see a limited list of options in Add/Edit:


After the first 30 days, you will have other options, including the ability to change to Closed (if you have already marked the listing Under Contract).

If your Withhold listing has closed, just go in and mark it Under Contract, then mark it Closed (as you would with a traditional listing).  There is no need to remove the check in the Withhold from MLS checkbox.  Once it is marked Closed, Matrix will automatically remove the Withhold from MLS flag on it (so all users can see it and use it as a comp) and mark it as a Comp Only listing.


If your seller decides they would like to remove the Withhold from MLS flag and make their listing available to all Matrix users (and their buyers), all of the following must occur:

  1. At least 30 days have passed since the listing was entered into Matrix as Withhold from MLS.
  2. A fully executed Instruction to File Listing form has been uploaded to the listing as a Private- Withheld Authorization Form(s) supplement type.  If you upload it under a different supplement type, Matrix will not allow you to mark the listing Closed.
  3. At least one photo has been uploaded to the listing in Matrix.

Once all three conditions have been met, please reach out to SmartMLS staff so we can complete the process of activating the listing.


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