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If your seller has come to the decision on their own that they do not want their property listed on the MLS, and thus not benefit from the exposure to our 21,000+ subscribers and their clients, it is a Withhold from MLS listing.  There are still procedures that must be followed in order to remain in compliance with the SmartMLS Rules & Regulations.

This article is designed to help you throughout the process of inputting and maintaining a Withhold from MLS listing.

  • The property must still be entered in Matrix as you would any other listing:
    • The listing must be entered in Matrix within 48 hours of the signed Listing Agreement, just as any other traditional listing.
    • On the Status tab, you must put a check in the Withhold from MLS check box. This will make the listing invisible to all Matrix users except for you, your office's management hierarchy and SmartMLS staff.
    • Fill out the rest of the input form- all required fields and input rules are the same as if it were a traditional listing.
  • While the listings is still in the INC status, you must upload the fully executed Instruction to Withhold Listing From MLS form.
  • No one will be able to search for or see your Withhold from MLS listing.
  • You cannot see anyone else's Withhold from MLS listings.
  • Withhold from MLS listings will not be syndicated anywhere.
  • You and the seller can determine whatever marketing plan you want to employ.
  • You will not have access to ShowingTime to set up online showing appointments for a Withheld listing. That is completely on you and the seller to coordinate.
  • You are still able to access the listing through the Add/Edit tab:
    • We want the information to be as accurate as possible because Withhold listings will automatically turn into Comp Only listings when they are marked Closed.
    • During the first 30 days, there will be a limited list of options for editing. You will still be able to make data/photo changes, price changes and extend the expiration date.
    • After 30 days, there will be more options for editing the listing, including the ability to mark the listing Deposit or Closed.
  • If your seller has a change of heart and decides they would like the listing activated and visible on the MLS:
    • The listing has to remain in the Withhold from MLS status for at least 30 days before it is able to be switched to an Active listing (this has to be done by SmartMLS staff).
    • The Instruction to File Listing with MLS form must be signed by the list agent and the seller and uploaded to the listing as a Private supplement.  Once you have the form uploaded, contact SmartMLS so we can look into activating the listing.
    • Days on Market will start accruing with the list date on your Listing Agreement, not the date it is activated on the MLS. The listing will come on the MLS as a New listing with at least 30 days of market time.

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