Under Contract-Continue to Show listing has expired

A listing in the Under Contract-Continue to Show (UC-CTS) status will expire when it reaches its expiration date.

If your UC-CTS listing happens to expire because you failed to extend it prior to the expiration date (ex: the seller signed an extension prior to the expiration date but you forgot to enter that into Matrix), you can bring it back on market and extend the expiration date, all at the same time, by using the Change to Active & Extend Expiration Date form in Add/Edit. This must be done within the first 3 days after expiration, or else you lose the ability to access the listing.


If you are still in the midst of getting the deal together with the buyer, you can then use the Change to Show form to bring the listing back to Show status.

If it is past the 3 day window, but you have an extension that the seller signed prior to the expiration date, you can email the signed extension to SmartMLS ( changes@smartmls.com ) so we can bring the listing back on market and enter the new expiration date.  Once it is back on market with its new expiration date, you can go in and mark it Under Contract-Continue to Show or Under Contract.

Reminder: it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your My Listings widget on the Matrix dashboard.  Not only will it alert you to any Under Contract-Continue to Show listings that will automatically switch to Under Contract (this happens after 60 days in Show status) within the next 7 days, but it will also alert you to any listings (including UC-CTS listings) that are about to expire within the next two weeks.:,


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