Solar Contract Details field

A new field has been added to the Utilities tab of the Single Family listing input form- Solar Contract Details.

This field will be required if you have selected either Active Solar in the Energy Features field:



*** NOTE: Unfortunately, the Matrix business rule for the Solar Contract Details field does not kick in until you click either Validate or Submit Listing.  This means that, if you have selected Active Solar in the Energy Features field, you will not be able to access or type in the Solar Contract Details field until you click Validate or Submit Listing.  Once you click Validate or Submit, the field will turn blue (indicating it is required) and then you will be able to enter the necessary information and submit the listing. ***


If you do not select Active Solar in the Energy Features field, the Solar Contract Details field will not be required, and you may simply skip over it during listing input.  However, you may use it to give any additional information about Passive Solar, as well as Solar Heat (in the Heat Type field) Solar Fuel (Heat Fuel field) or Solar Assisted (Hot Water System field).


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