Listing activated too soon (should be Coming Soon, not Active)


If you accidentally save your listing as Active too soon, the only recourse is to mark the Active listing Withdrawn so no other user sees it as Active (it is best to do this as soon as you realize your mistake) and then clone from it to create a new INC listing (with a new list number).

Unfortunately, there is no way to move a listing back to INC once it has been activated.

After the new INC listing has been created, the photos can also be copied over from the WITH listing. Any paperwork that was uploaded to the WITH listing will have to be uploaded manually to the INC listing (there is no way to copy supplements from one listing to another). 

Once all of the paperwork (including the Coming Soon Addendum and Listing Agreement) has been uploaded, you can go in and switch the listing from INC to Coming Soon (with the appropriate dates, list price, etc.).

SmartMLS staff will delete the WITH listing completely, so no one will ever see it.


If this happens to you outside of SmartMLS business hours, the best thing to do is mark it WITH as quickly as possible (to try to limit the number of users/clients who might see it as Active). Then either send us an email ( or leave us a voicemail (203-750-6000) explaining what happened so we can deal with it first thing the next business day.





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