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If you have an INC listing that you need to save as Coming Soon, you must upload both your Coming Soon addendum as a Private-Coming Soon Addendum supplement type and the Listing Agreement (or Listing Agreement Compliance Certification) as a Private- Listing Contract supplement type. Matrix will not allow you to save a listing under the Coming Soon status if these documents are not uploaded under the correct supplement types.*

Once you have uploaded both documents, go to the Add/Edit menu and select the desired Incomplete listing.

On the Modify Listing screen, click on the first link in the list to open the listing input form.

Go to the Status tab and select Coming Soon:


Next, go to the Contract tab and populate the Listing Date, Expected Active Date and Expiration Date fields (those fields are blanked out each time you save a listing as Incomplete):



Click Submit Listing.

If you have errors or have missed any required fields, correct them and then Submit Listing again.


* While you are uploading your other required paperwork (Listing Agreement and Coming Soon Addendum), it is a good idea to upload any photo license agreements (if someone other than yourself provided any of the listing's photos). The absence of an uploaded photo license agreement won't prevent you from saving the listing as Coming Soon, but it is required to be uploaded to the listing. Uploading all required paperwork at the same time is a good practice to make sure you don't forget about it and potentially expose yourself to a compliance violation.




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