Add a photographer to your listing

If you are using photos and/or virtual tours from a photographer who is a member of the SmartMLS Verified Photographer Network and would like for them to be able to manage the photos and/or virtual tours on your behalf, please follow these instructions:

Go to Add/Edit and select the desired listing.
Click the listing input form (the first link on the Modify Listing screen):


Go to the Photographers & Virtual Tours tab.  There is a Photographer Information section at the top of the page:


  1. Select MLS Verified Photographer in the Photos Taken By field.

  2. Use the Photographer MLS ID field to add the photographer to your listing *.

  3. Use the Allow Photographer to edit photos field to give the photographer permission to manage the media on this listing.
    Note : you are not required to allow the photographer to edit your photos.  If you prefer to do all of your photo management yourself, you can certainly do so.  Just set this field to No .

* If you do not know the photographer's ID, click Find a MLS Verified Photographer (directly above the Photographer MLS ID field) to search through our list of verified photographers:


Once you find the photographer that you want to manage photos and/or virtual tours on this listing, click Fill :


That brings you back to the Photographers & Virtual Tours tab and populates the photographer's name and contact information.  Click Submit Listing when you are done.

If you have selected Yes in the Allow Photographer to edit photos field, the selected photographer will only be able to access the Manage Photos and Virtual Tours sections of this listing.  They will not be able to access/modify any other parts of the listing (or any other listings).

Note : Photographer access is given on an individual listing basis.  If you have several active listings to which you would like to give a photographer access, you must repeat this process for each listing.

For more information on the SmartMLS Photographer Access program, click here .

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