Listing Notes vs Remarks fields


Matrix provides several ways for a list agent to write up a description of the property they are listing. All of them are free text fields, but each has its own specific use and features (audience, size limitations, appearance/location on a listing, etc.).

There can be some confusion as to which option to choose, or what each does.

When you go to Add/Edit and select the desired listing, there are two different forms you could choose in order to do a write up for the listing. Each has its own specific purpose and functionality:



The listing input form
If you select the listing input form (in this example, Single Family for Sale), it opens the form you used when entering the listing into the MLS. Navigate to the Remarks tab and you have three different fields for property description:



A. Public Remarks provides a 1,500-character field you can use to describe the property. You cannot market anything but the property in this field. This field appears on many of the displays within Matrix. It is included in the SmartMLS data feed and its contents display on IDX/3rd party websites.

B. Public Remarks Addendum provides an additional 2,400 characters that allow you to elaborate on your Public Remarks, in case you ran out of room and have more to say about the property. It follows the same guidelines/restrictions as the Public Remarks field (strictly for marketing the property only). This field only appears on the Agent Full display.

C. Confidential Agent Only Remarks gives you 500 characters to convey additional information to your fellow agents. It can be used to provide other agents with transactional or other broker-sensitive information that is not for public consumption. This field only appears within Matrix (it is not syndicated downstream) and can contain phone numbers, email addresses and website URLs.


Listing Notes
This is a completely separate form in Add/Edit that allows you to enter time sensitive agent-to-agent notes:



The Note displays as an icon on Agent displays in Matrix, but only for the specified time frame. Listing Notes are not included in the SmartMLS data feed and only display to agents that are logged into Matrix.



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