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  • Do you spend too much time managing the photos on your listings?
  • Are you too busy working with clients or trying to secure new business to have to worry about going out to take photos?
  • Do you get nervous when you think about editing/touching up your photos, or making sure they meet the specifications of our Matrix system?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have some great news.  In an effort to ease some of the burden on listing agents, we have adjusted our system to allow authorized photographers to access Matrix and manage photos and virtual tours on an agent's behalf.

The guidelines for this new feature are as follows:

  • In order for a photographer to gain access, they must first be invited by an active SmartMLS subscriber.  The Photographer Submission form is located here.
  • Photographers will be given their own login and will be afforded very limited access to Matrix.
  • There is no charge for a photographer to gain access to the SmartMLS photographer network.
  • Once logged in, they will encounter a very scaled down version of the Matrix home page.  The vast majority of the menu items and widgets will not be available to them.
  • Photographers will only be able to access Manage Photos and Virtual Tours for those listings where a list agent has added them as their authorized photographer on the Photographers & Virtual Tours tab of Add/Edit.
  • Access is given on an individual listing basis (during Add/Edit).
  • When a Photographer goes to Add/Edit for one of their authorized listings, these are the only options they will see:


  • Photographers will be able to access listings in active statuses, including Incomplete listings.
  • Any images uploaded must still adhere to the MLS's current photo specifications .
  • Prior to saving any photo changes, the user (whether a SmartMLS subscriber or a photographer) must click the Certify & Save* button and agree to the license agreement.
  • All virtual tours uploaded must adhere to our guidelines (no branding, etc.).

Although we have added this new photographer access functionality as a means of trying to ease listing agents’ burdens, you may certainly continue to manage the photos and virtual tours on your own listings yourself if you’d like.

* The Certify & Save button at the bottom of the Manage Photos screen was put in place as a safeguard for your intellectual property (listing photos), as well as a confirmation that the MLS is a trustworthy custodian of it.  We will only use your photos as a means to augment your business (through syndication to approved third party sites).

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