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It is very possible that the photos that appear on a listing come from more than one source. For instance, the list agent could have hired a photographer from our Verified Photographer Network to take photos and also augmented those with photos of their own.

The Photographs Taken By field is a checklist that allows you to select more than one source. Using the example above, you would select both Verified Photographer and Self. As long as the sources are different, it is pretty straightforward- just select all sources that apply:




However, it gets a little more complicated if you are using more than one of the same type of source. This is especially true if you are using photos from two different verified photographers, because you can only enter one ID in the Photographer MLS ID field. In this instance, you should enter the ID of the verified photographer who supplied the greater number of photos.

The exception to this rule would be if you wanted the photographer who supplied fewer photos to be able to manage photos on the listing.  At that point, you should enter their ID in the Photographer MLS ID field instead of the one who supplied the greater number of photos.


Regardless of the combination of photo sources, all rules must be followed:

  • If MLS Verified Photographer is selected, you must enter their ID in the Photographer MLS ID field and choose whether you want the photographer to be able to manage the photos for you.

  • If Seller or Other are selected, you must upload the photo license agreement you have with the source. We have sample photo license agreements on a special section of the SmartMLS website that you can use as examples of these types of documents.





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