Dates disappeared from my INC listing

When you are entering a new listing in Matrix, if you save the listing as Incomplete (INC), Matrix will wipe out any dates you have entered (List Date, Expected Active Date, Expiration Date) on the Contract tab.  So, the next time you go into the listing to make changes or switch its status from INC to Active or Coming Soon, those fields will be blank.

This is actually deliberate feature of Add/Edit that is designed to help ensure that you have the correct contract dates on your listing.

Frequently, a list agent will start entering a listing weeks in advance of activating it on the MLS, possibly before they have the final, fully executed listing agreement with the seller.  Sometimes the dates (most often the list date and/or expiration date) will change between when they first started entering the listing and when they finally get around to activating it.  If they forget to double check the date fields and activate the listing, it is very possible that the listing will go live on the MLS with incorrect dates.  At that point, they will likely need assistance from MLS staff to fix the listing for them.  If it is outside of business hours, the listing will be on the MLS and downstream websites with incorrect information until the next business day.

By wiping out the date fields when a listing is saved as INC, the list agent will be forced to re-enter the dates (hopefully after double checking their listing agreement) and the likelihood of the listing being saved with incorrect contract information is greatly reduced.

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