Online map copyrights

Under copyright law, online maps (including Google Maps/Images, Bing, etc.) should be treated like any other artwork or intellectual property (IP). This means that a map should not be published without specific permission from the author or owner (the copyright holder). Ultimately, it is the copyright holder who has the right to decide if their map may be published. You can review the terms of usage of any internet site (including mapping services like Google and Bing) and learn the permitted use of their specific product/intellectual property.

For real estate/MLS purposes, most mapping services do not allow the use of their maps for commercial use, including to "distribute, display, rent, sell or otherwise convey information".  Consequently, these works cannot be uploaded to listings on SmartMLS.

You may upload any Matrix display that includes a map (Client Flyer, for instance) as a Supplement provided that you upload the entire page where the map is located.  If you crop out the text of the report and just upload the map from the Flyer, it is a violation of map copyright law and strictly prohibited.

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