Extend the Go Active date on a Coming Soon listing

When entering a Coming Soon listing, it is vital to remember that your Go Active Date (also known as the Expected Active Date or Go Live Date) cannot be more than 14 days from the Listing Date of your listing agreement.

There is some flexibility with the Go Active Date in that you can extend the date (multiple times, if necessary) up to a total of 14 days from the List Date.

*** Note : you cannot shorten the Go Active Date once it has been entered on the listing ***

For example, if you and your seller initially agreed to a 7 day Coming Soon period, but as the Go Active Date approaches the seller decides that they would like that to be extended, you can do so through the Add/Edit menu in Matrix.

After you select the desired listing, click on the first link on the Modify Listing screen (this is the same form you would choose if you needed to change any other data fields on the listing):


Now, just go to the Contract tab and enter the new date in the Expected Active Date field:


Click Submit Listing when you're finished.  If you have entered a date that is more than 14 days from the Listing Date, you will get an error message and Matrix will not allow you to save the change.

Remember- the new Expected Active Date (Go Active Date) cannot be more than 14 days from the List Date.  Conveniently, the Listing Date field is directly above the Expected Active Date field, so it is easy to confirm that the new date you are entering is within the guidelines.

As is the case with any changes made to listing agreements, you must also adjust your paperwork when extending the Expected Active Date on your Coming Soon listing.  You can either adjust the currently uploaded Coming Soon Addendum and have your seller sign and/or initial the paperwork or get a completely new Coming Soon form.  Whichever you choose, you must then remove the old paperwork that has been uploaded to your listing and upload the new/adjusted paperwork.

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