When do Days on Market (DOM) and CDOM reset to zero?


Days on Market (DOM) is automatically set to 0 for every New listing.

Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM) will reset to 0 for a New listing if any of the following occurs:

  1. The previous listing for the property was marked Closed.

  2. There is at least a 90 day gap between the previous permanently off market listing (EXPD, CANC) and the New listing. The new listing has to be entered on the 91st day (or later) after the previous EXPD or CANC listing. 

    WITH or TEMP do not apply here, because those are not permanent off market statuses.

  3. The New listing is under a different property type than the previous listing.

In all other scenarios, the CDOM of the previous listing(s) will be added to generate the CDOM of the New listing.


If the New listing is going to start off as a Coming Soon listing, it is important to remember that the Coming Soon period does not affect the 90 day reset period. It is determined by the listing's Go Active Date, not the date it was entered as Coming Soon.

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