Fix mapping on a listing


Go to Add/Edit and select the listing you want to correct. 

On the Modify Listing screen, click on the first link in the Select Form section (the Data Input form) and go to the Address tab. 

On the bottom right (beneath the map) there are several mapping choices:


    1.  If you have the actual latitude and longitude coordinates, you can enter them in their respective fields. 

    2.  Use Map Property from Address to allow Matrix to map the property according to its address information.  

    3.  Manually Map Property allows you to plot the property exactly where you want it. You can zoom in/out, move N,S,E,W and click on the map in the exact location where you would like the pin to display:



You can just click (and hold) on the blue pin, drag it to the appropriate place and release the mouse button to put the pin in that new location.

Or, you can click Place new pin (which turns your mouse cursor into a plus sign/crosshairs) and just click on the spot where you would like the pin.

Once you are satisfied, click Done to close the map.  That will bring you back to the Address tab and the map will now display the new pin placement.

Click Submit Listing to save your changes.


If you are viewing the listing from the same PC where you made the change, you will likely have to clear your browser's cache in order to see the new map on the listing.

All other users, however, will be able to see the change immediately without having to clear their cache.

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