Upload Supplements (Listing Agreement, Disclosures, etc.) to your listing


You must upload your Listing Agreement (or Listing Agreement Compliance Certification) as a Private- Listing Contract supplement type while the listing is in the Incomplete (INC) status.

If you are entering a Coming Soon listing, you must also upload your Coming Soon Addendum (in addition to the Listing Agreement/Listing Agreement Compliance Certification) while the listing is in the INC status.

Matrix will not allow you to save your listing as Active or Coming Soon if the paperwork has not been uploaded under the correct supplement type.


Before you get started, please note: any file you would like to attach to a listing has to be in pdf format. Matrix will not accept any other format for Supplements.

Go to Add/Edit and select the listing you are working with, then go to Manage Supplements :



1.  Click the Choose File button to search your PC for the file you want to attach to your listing.

Note: you can only load PDF documents to your listing, and they cannot be any larger than 10mb (each document).


Once you find the file you want, double click it- that brings you back into Matrix where you can enter a description for the file and/or use the drop down list on the right to choose from a list of commonly attached document types.

2.  Click Upload.


The document will appear at the top of the screen, along with any others you have previously uploaded:


At this point, if you have other documents you want to attach to the listing, click Choose File to repeat the process.

If you add additional documents, you can then use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to arrange the order in which they will appear when a user views the Attached Docs on your listing.

Please note: the red text that appears on the screen is not an error message or an indication that there is a problem.  It is simply a reminder to upload your listing agreement paperwork as a Private supplement type:



We do not want anyone else to see the confidential information on your listing agreements.

3.  Click Save when you are finished. *** If you do not do this final step, your uploaded documents will not be saved and they will not be attached to your listing. If you are uploading a required document, such as a Listing Agreement, failing to successfully complete this process could lead to Compliance fines. ***


There is a 10 document limit per listing in Manage Supplements.  Matrix will not allow any more than 10 attached documents.


Here is a video that demonstrates the process.



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