Agent Web Page content is very truncated

When a user views their Matrix Agent Web Page, only the first line of the text and photos they entered into the Homepage Content section displays:


This happens if they have copied and pasted the text and images into the Homepage Content field from an outside source (Word document).  When they cut and paste, Matrix sees it as one single image, and it does not display properly.

The fix for this is to delete everything that is in the Homepage Content field and type it all in by hand- do not copy and paste from an outside source.

(In the example above, we had to click in the Homepage Content field and do a CTRL+A to grab everything, then hit Delete.  The user initially just backspaced through everything, but something was still left in the background somewhere that was not visible that was still causing the issue- it wasn't until we did the CTRL+A and Delete that it completely cleared the field so the content could be manually entered).

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