Set up an Auto Email

Perform the customer's search and view the results. Do not select any listings .

Note : you cannot set up an auto email if your search yields more than 500 listings that currently match the criteria.  If this is the case, your search is too broad- you must narrow your search criteria until you are under 500 matches.  If your search encompasses multiple property types, you may want to set up a separate auto email for each property type, rather than having them all in one auto email.

Go to the bottom of the screen and click Save , then select New Auto Email:


  1. If you have already added the customer as a Contact in Matrix, select them from the Contact drop down list.
  2. If you have not yet added them to Matrix, click Create a New Contact and enter at least their first & last name and email address (those fields are required to save a Contact).


Fill out the rest of the form (add a Subject, review/change the wording of the messages, etc.).

Concierge Mode is a feature where any matching listings will be emailed to you (the agent) initially- it is then up to you to approve the ones you want the Contact to receive.

Reverse Prospecting is where a list agent can run a search against all of the buyers that other agents have added to Matrix to see if any of them have saved searches that match their listing.  It will generate a list and allow the list agent to reach out to the buyer's agent regarding the potential match.  This list will not contain any identifiable information about the buyer.

The Schedule section allows you to determine when the emails will go out: ASAP, or on a Daily or Monthly schedule of your choosing:


Remember to click Save when you are done.

The Contact will get an email with all currently matching listings today, and, going forward, they will get any new or changed listings that match their search criteria.

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