Auto Email deactivation parameters

To conserve system resources and ensure emails are not being sent unnecessarily, Matrix has several thresholds in place to stop trying to deliver auto emails.  Here are explanations of these settings, as well as what to do if it happens to one of your auto emails.

No listings found :

Warning = 80 days
Timeout = 90 days

This usually occurs when the saved search criteria are very narrow/specific (client is looking on one specific street, or in a very narrow price range). When your search criteria are too granular, it is very likely that new/changed listings that match it will not come onto the MLS very frequently, leading to no listings being found.

Your best bet in this scenario is to adjust the search and loosen the constraining search parameters so more matches are potentially found.

You will receive a warning if 80 days have gone by since the last listing was sent. This notification includes a link that allows you to renew the search for another 80 days. Renewing will reset the clock back to 0 and gives you another 80 days before the process repeats. You can click the renewal link every 80 days to keep the auto email from deactivating.

If you do not click the renewal link, you have 10 more days before the auto email deactivates. On the 90th day, you will receive a notification that the auto email has been deactivated. At that point, you can revise the search and enable it again.

Other than that, you can delete and recreate the search (using the same narrow criteria) when you receive the warning after 80 days of no matches. If you do this, make sure to let the client know what you are doing, and to be on the lookout for the Welcome Email for the new auto email.

Email Ignored :

1st warning = 30 days
Final warning = 50 days
Timeout = 60 days

This happens when emails are being sent, but the client has not opened one and clicked on the link to the matching listing(s). It is very possible that the client is not ignoring the email- the message could be getting caught up in their email's spam filter, so it is not showing in their Inbox. Reach out to the client and ask them to check their spam/junk folder. If they find one of the emails, all they have to do is open it and click the link. That will open their Portal and allow them to view anything you have sent them from Matrix. It will also reset the clock back to zero days and the auto email will not be in danger of being deactivated.

Welcome Ignored :

Warning = 5 days
Timeout = 30 days

This occurs when the original email that goes out when an auto email is set up (known as the Welcome Email) is not opened by the client. By opening the Welcome Email and clicking the link to the listings, the client is simultaneously confirming to Matrix that their email address is valid and that they wish to receive all future Matrix emails. If they do not open the Welcome Email and click on the link to the listings, no other emails will be sent to them, even if matches are found.

You should reach out to the client and have them check their junk/spam folder.
If they do not find the Welcome Email, you can try resending it from Matrix. Click here for instructions.

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