Auto-save Recovery message

Matrix has a built-in feature that is enabled when working on a brand new listing that will automatically save your work every couple of minutes. This is a safety net designed to help you if you are not able to successfully save your work as Incomplete (for example: if you lose your internet connection or forget to click Submit Listing ).

Seeing the following Auto-Save Recovery message on the Matrix home page means you have recently started working on entering a new listing but did not save it successfully:


There are options to Restore, Discard or Skip:

Restore will bring you back into the input screen for the INC listing and allows you to continue working on the listing. Even if you don't want to work on it at the moment, it is advisable to use Restore to open it up so you can save it as INC and get a list number.

Discard will delete the auto-saved listing completely and you will lose all work on it. This is irreversible.

Skip allows you to close the message and continue working in Matrix. You will get the same AutoSave Recovery message the next time you log into Matrix.

The Auto-save feature only applies to brand new listings where you have never hit Submit Listing (either as INC, Active or Coming Soon). After you have successfully saved your work once, auto-save recovery is no longer an option.

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