Change to Under Contract

If you have an accepted offer and the seller does not want to keep their property on the market for showings or backup offers, you must change the status of the listing to Under Contract.

Go to the Add/Edit tab and select your listing (using the Select a Listing drop down menu).

Click Change to Under Contract:


Enter the Contract Date, which is the date that the contract was signed by both the buyer and seller.  If you are going directly from Active to Under Contract, the Contract Date has to be within the last five days.  If you are going from Under Contract- Continue to Show to Under Contract, the Contract Date has to be between the Continue to Show Date and the current date:


If you had previously marked the listing Under Contract- Continue to Show, the Proposed Closing Date and the Selling/Co-Selling Agent ID (and Selling/Co-Selling Team#, if applicable) information should still be there.  If not, you will need to populate those fields as well.  You can change any of these fields if necessary.

*** The Proposed Closing Date (PCD) must always be in the future. ***

Click Submit Listing .

Reminder : the only MLS users who can see any Sales Agent/Office information on an Under Contract listing are the List Agent and their management (Broker, Office Manager, Office Admin) and the Sales Agent and their management.  No other users will see this information until the listing is marked Closed.

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