How to copy photos from another listing


*** Note: due to potential photo copyright issues, it is strongly advised that you only copy photos from a previous listing if you were the source of the photos for the original listing. If someone else provided the photos, even if they are a member of the SmartMLS Verified Photographer Network, you are technically allowed to copy photos, but you must also have a license agreement with the photo source providing you the authority to use the photo(s) on the new listing. ***


Go to Add/Edit and select the desired listing (it must not have any photos on it before you start the copy process; if there are any photos on the new listing, you will not see the option to copy photos).

Go to bottom of the Modify Listing screen and click Manage Photos

Click Click here to import photos from another listing:



Note: You will not see the link to copy photos if there are already photos on the listing you are trying to copy to.  If you would still like to copy photos to the new listing, you must delete the photos that have already been uploaded.


Enter the list number of the listing you'd like to copy from and click Import. It will pull all the photos from the old listing. You may delete photos that you do not want on the new listing or keep them all. 

Click Certify and Save when you are done.


A couple of things to remember:

  • You may only copy photos from a listing if it is within your organization.
  • You may not copy photos from an Incomplete (INC) listing.



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