Print an INC listing

If you want to be able to print out an INC listing so the owner/seller can review it before you activate it, go to the My Listings widget on the Matrix home page.

Click on My Incomplete Listings to view all of the Incomplete listings you currently have:


Select the INC listing you want to print and click the Print button:


Select the display you want and click Print .


If you are the office admin, you will have to go through a slightly different process to print INC listings. Since you are not a list agent, going to My Incomplete Listings in the My Listings widget will not work.

Instead, go to My Listings and click See All :


Click My Office's Incomplete Listings :


You will then have access to all of the INC listings within your office.
Select the desired listing, click Print and select the display you want to print.

Note : if it does not print out correctly (sides get cut off, etc.) try using the Print to PDF functionality instead.  You could also try changing the print margins in your web browser. Click here for instructions on that.

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