Create Custom Export (Excel)

In order to export listing information to an Excel spreadsheet, you must first create the export.

Click the drop-down arrow in the top right corner of Matrix (next to your name) and click Settings :


When the next screen opens, click Custom Exports :


Use the drop-down arrow to select the type of export you are creating (based on the type of search you intend to run as a precursor to using the export), then click Add Export .


Give your export a name in the Export Name field at the top left of the screen.

Use the Available Fields column to select the fields you want on your spreadsheet. You can either highlight them [hold down CTRL (in Windows) or Command (on a Mac) to select more than one at a time] and click Add , or double click each one to add it to the Export Fields column.

You may rearrange the fields you've added by highlighting them and using the Up or Down buttons.

If you want to get rid of any of the fields you've added, highlight it and click the Remove button:


At the bottom, make sure to keep Separator field as C omma .

Click Save when you're finished.

You can access this Export any time you perform the same type of search that you specified when you created the Export.

Once you have done the search, view the results, select the items you want to send to the spreadsheet and click the Export button at the bottom of the screen.

Note: You will not find the option to export agent information from the Matrix system.

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