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The tax data that appears in Matrix is collected and updated by a third party vendor, The Warren Group. If tax record data is incorrect or needs to be updated, you may use the tax discrepancy link at either the top or the bottom of the Full Tax display to report the error. 



After you click the Click to Report Inaccurate Tax Data link, the following screen will appear:



The top half of the form will automatically fill in information about the property and the person who is reporting the error (you). There is no need to make any changes on this part of the form (you will not actually be able to click in any of the fields).

The bottom half of the form is where you report what is wrong with the tax record.  



Use the Data Category drop down menu to select the type of error (Ownership, Property, Transaction or Other), then enter the description of the error(s) in the Description field. Click Submit when you're done.

You will get an email confirmation from SmartMLS once your error has been received. You may also receive a request for supporting documentation, such as a field card or release.

Once your error report has been received, The Warren Group researches the issue with town hall and updates the tax record accordingly. When they have made the necessary corrections in their database, the information goes to CoreLogic (the company that provides Matrix) to be updated and posted. The tax update/corrections file is posted to the Matrix system once a week.

Once the error has been reported, the process takes a minimum of 10-15 business days to be corrected on Matrix. There is no need to report an error more than once. Doing so will not result in the issue being addressed any faster. In reality, it could actually prolong the process of the error getting corrected.


You will be contacted by SmartMLS when the correction has been made.

If you have any questions about this process, please send an email to

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