Photo specifications

Per Attachment C of the SmartMLS Rules and Regulations :
All photos should pertain strictly to the subject property and may not display any names, contact information (digital or otherwise), URLs and/or links, QR codes (or similar) office/agent logos and/or branding, for sale signs, persons, or audio/video/text commentary. The same verbiage and language restrictions/prohibitions that apply to the Property Description/Remarks also apply to all photo captions.

Type : JPG (the most common type taken by digital cameras)

File Size : less than 20MB in size (per photo)

Ideal Dimensions : 1024 pixels x 768 pixels

Ideal Resolution : 96 DPI or better

Ideal Aspect Ratio *: 1.33
* The aspect ratio of an image is calculated by dividing the number of pixels in width by the number of pixels in height.  Matrix uses an aspect ratio of 1.33 (e.g. 1024/768).

Orientation : landscape (preferred) or portrait *

Quantity : up to 40

Images received that have a different aspect ratio will be automatically resized to achieve 1.33 and will be padded with white space on either the left and right or top and bottom edges to avoid image distortion.

* Below is an example of a gallery view of photos on a listing.  Notice that photos 1,2 and 4 are landscape and take up the entire photo block, where photo 3 is portrait and, consequently, has to be padded on the sides with white space so the photo fills up the block without the image being compressed and distorted:


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