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If you want to narrow your search results to a very specific area, you can use the polygon tool to draw an irregular shape (not a circle or square/rectangle) that conforms more accurately to your area of interest.

While you are on the Map tab, click there are several icons in the top center of the map, two of which are Polygon drawing tools: Polygon and Freehand Polygon.  

The Polygon tool allows you to use straight lines to draw an area on the map which you will use to narrow the search results. 

Move your cursor to what will be one of the corners of your map area, and click once (do not hold down the mouse button- just click and release) to start drawing your area- it will put a red dot on the map as your starting point. As you drag your mouse away from your starting point, you will get a shaded area. 

When you arrive at a spot where you want to change direction, click again to set another edge/corner. Keep doing this until you have drawn the area in which you want to search for listings. 

Once you are finished defining the shape of your search area, click the starting point once more to complete the search area.


The Freehand Polygon allows you to draw on the map freehand, so you are not limited to only connecting straight lines to form a shape. You can curve around areas and get a more refined shape using the Freehand Polygon:mceclip2.png


Once you have completed the desired area, you will have a couple of choices: 

  • Delete Shape allows you to delete the area you have defined and start over again.
  • Exclude this Shape will remove any listings that fall within the drawn area from your search results. 

You can use any of the drawing tools (including both Polygon tools) to draw multiple areas on the same map. At that point, you can exclude the areas or, if they overlap, you can even isolate your search to include just the overlapping area.

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