Sales agent/office information on Under Contract-Continue to Show and Under Contract listings


Sales Agent and Office information is required when marking a listing Under Contract-Continue to Show or Under Contract, though the information remains hidden to the vast majority of MLS users until the listing is marked Closed.

The only people who can see this information are the List and Sales Agents (and their respective Brokers, Managers and Admin staff).  

For everyone else, the sales agent and office fields will just display as an empty parentheses ( ).  

These fields only show on the Agent Full and Agent Flyer displays.


Once the listing is Closed, all of the information will appear to all users.


Note: although Matrix will technically accept NONMEM (agent is not a SmartMLS member) and BUYER (unrepresented buyer) when marking a listing Under Contract-Continue to Show or Under Contract, it is not appropriate/valid to do that. You really should enter the proper sales agent and office IDs.

The reason for this is that these listings will appear in the My Listings widget for the Sales Agent. If they are looking at this section and do not see that they have been given credit as the Sales Agent for the Under Contract-Continue to Show/Under Contract listing, it may cause them to feel slighted (even though the listing has not been marked Closed yet).  

To avoid any potential conflicts, the MLS recommends using the proper IDs rather than NONMEM or BUYER.

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