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When you are entering or modifying a listing, please keep in mind that Matrix is very particular when it comes to entering information in the price and date fields.

Here are a couple hints to help you avoid errors (and frustration):

  • Price fields : do not enter any letters or special characters (dollar sign, decimal point, etc.).  Only numbers.

  • Date fields : use the calendar to select the date (best option) or enter the date in the mm/dd/yyyy format (ex: 07/01/2022).  Do not use a hyphen (-) or backslash (\) as separators.

To enter a listing, go to Add/Edit , click Add New (in the Add/Edit Listings section):


Choose the property type of the listing:


On the next screen, you must enter the Parcel ID for the property.  This is a unique ID generated within the Matrix system- it is not the tax id from the field card .

You can search for the parcel ID in the Tax Search section at the bottom half of this screen:


When doing the search, it is usually best to just use the Street #, Street Name, County and City.

After entering these, click the Search button at the bottom of the screen.

  • If Matrix finds a match, click Fill (in the Click to Fill column) next to the correct property:


You will be brought into the listing input screen where you can continue the input by using the tabs at the top of the screen to fill out all of the input fields:


  • If there is no match when you search for the Parcel ID, there is no tax record on our system for that address, and you must enter 999999999 (9 nines) as the Parcel ID.

During input, you may click Submit Listing at any point to save your work and continue at a later date. Just make sure you first go to the Status tab and confirm that it is set to Incomplete.

Note : the first time you save a listing as Incomplete, it will generate a list number for you (it will appear in the Input Succeeded window):


At this point, you have several options:

  1. Enable Showing Time for this listing - even if the listing is still in the INC status, you can go into Showing Time and configure the listing's online appointment scheduling settings.

  2. Continue Editing brings you back into the listing input form and so you can enter/edit data on the listing.

  3. Add/Edit Photos brings you into the Manage Photos section, allowing you to add/delete/reorder the photos on the listing.

  4. Upload Listing Agreement brings you into Manage Supplements so you can upload the listing agreement (or Listing Agreement Compliance Certification).

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