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July 1 begins a new tax year in Connecticut. This means that the tax information (Tax Year, Tax Amount, Assessment, and Mil Rate) on all ACTV, Under Contract- CTS, Under Contract, TEMP and WITH listings for sale need to be updated to the 2023-2024 information.

There is a process that automatically updates all on market listings within a town as soon as we have processed that town's tax update file.

It is possible that some listings may not automatically update, even after we have processed their town's update file. If we have processed a town's tax update file but your listing within that town has not automatically updated, you will need to manually update your listing. For those instances, we have a couple of Matrix shortcuts designed to make this process easy.


1. There is an option in the My Listings widget (on the Matrix home page) that will alert you if you have any listings that require having their tax data updated.



Click the My Listings Needing Tax Updates link, select the listing you want to update and click the Edit button:




On the Modify Listing screen, click Update TAX Data:




You will then see the current figures for Tax Year, Assessment, Mil Rate and Tax Amount:



1.  Notice that the Tax Year field is showing last year (July 2022-June 2023).

2.  If you click on the link (Click Here to Update Tax Data in the Blue Boxes Above), Matrix will fill in the updated tax record information for this property. 


After clicking the link, you will still see last year's tax data in the top line (highlighted in orange). But you will also see the updated tax information for your property in the blue fields on the second line:




Seeing both years' tax data allows you to compare the two and verify that the data has been updated.


Note: you may also manually enter the updated tax information into the blue fields if you prefer, or if it is more accurate than that which autofills by clicking the link.  

Either way, make sure to click Submit Listing when you are finished.



2. You may also access the tax update form by going to Add/Edit, selecting the listing you want to update and clicking Update TAX Data:



Once you click Update Tax Data, follow the steps from the preceding page of this document.



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