Adding comps to a CMA


During the process of creating a Matrix CMA, you can add comps by clicking the Add from Listings button while you are on the Comparables tab. This functionality works the same whether you've just started the CMA and have not selected any comps yet or if you are working on a CMA that already has some comparables, but you want to add more comps to make the CMA more robust.




If this is a brand new CMA with no comps, it will open up a search screen that allows you to enter the criteria you want to use to find properties that are similar/comparable to your subject property.

If this is an existing CMA that already has some comps, this will bring you back to the search screen you used to initially search for comps when you started the CMA.

***Please note: your original criteria will still be in the fields. It is strongly suggested that you clear the search screen before you start your search for additional comps. If you do not clear the search screen and start entering other criteria, you may very well come up with no matches.  

This is especially true if you are trying to add comps by entering list numbers. It is very unlikely that the list number(s) you enter will also match all of the other criteria from your original search (especially if you were searching by Status). Your best bet is to always clear the search screen first, then start your new search for additional comps. ***

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