Matrix Email Domain Change

On October 3, 2018 a change was implemented to the address that appears in the From field on emails sent from Matrix.  When someone receives an email from Matrix, the From field will now show

This change addresses a couple of widespread blacklist issues we have experienced in the past, where all Matrix email delivery is prevented to some individual email providers.  If such a scenario happens in the future, the new email domain structure should limit the duration and severity of the problem and help prevent protracted email delivery problems. 


Here are a couple of common questions you may have about this change:

Why is the “From” address changing again? It was already changed in March.

The email domain change in early March was a temporary measure to resume delivery of Matrix emails as quickly as possible. Since then, we have worked on splitting the delivery of emails across many more domains—this will limit the impact should any single domain be blacklisted in the future. The final step is to begin routing your Matrix email through this new, permanent domain.


What does this mean for our subscribers and their clients?

As of Oct 3, all emails sent from Matrix will come from


Will this require any action by our subscribers or their clients?

No action is required by anyone; Matrix emails will continue to be delivered as usual. In the unlikely event that someone does not receive Matrix emails after the change, please have the recipient check their Spam/Junk folder and mark any Matrix messages as “Safe” or “Not Spam.”



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