Portal Profile tab

When you go to My Matrix> My Information, one of the tabs across the top of the screen is the Portal Profile.  This tab allows you to customize the Portal that your Contacts will experience when they open up Matrix emails from you.

To open any of the specific sections, just click on its blue bar.  It will expand and display all of the options for that particular feature.

1. Photo allows you to add your personal photo so your Contacts will see it when they open up their Portal.

2. Portal Greeting is the message you want to appear in the Portal.  It is not customizable per Contact- all of your Contacts will see the same Portal Greeting, so make sure it is not specific to one person, search, market, etc.  Agents will usually include information about themselves, their services and specialties, industry experience, etc. in the greeting.

The text you add in the Portal Greeting will appear when your Contact clicks My Agent when they are in their Portal: 

3. The Video section allows you to embed a YouTube video to your Portal.

4. Contact Information is where you can control the personal information that will display in the Portal for your Contacts.  The information that appears here pulls from the Information tab (at the top left corner of the screen).

5. Inventory Slideshow & Links allows you to display links to your New and/or Active listings in the Portal.

6. The circles along the right side allow you to enable or disable any of the individual features within your Portal.  All of the features/sections are optional.  Use as many as you wish.

7. Use the icons on the left side to arrange the features you have enabled into any order you like.


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