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Property searches in Matrix show you a listing's status at the exact moment you ran the search. Matrix also allows you to search for the number of listings that were Active during a specific period of time in the past. For instance, you can do a search for the number of listings that were Active during February 2018 and compare that to the number of listings that are currently Active (in February 2023).

Go to the Stats tab and click on Customize in the top left of the screen:



When entering your time frame, please keep in mind that Matrix does not allow you to be so granular as to see what was active on a specific day in the past. The most granular you can get with this type of search is a month. So, if you wanted to see what was active in February 2018, select Custom for the Time Frame field and then enter February 2018 as both the Start and End dates:


Use the Statistic drop down menu to select Active Listings, Number of

The Group By drop down (beneath Statistic) allows you to choose how you want your results grouped (price, month, neighborhood, etc.):



You can then enter any other criteria you want to use in order to narrow your search any further (property type, town, price range, etc.). If you are searching for the number of active listings, you do not have to select Active in the Status field on the search screen. Just leave the Status field blank.  

Once you are done entering criteria click the Generate button on the left side of the screen. By default, the results will display in a bar graph, grouped according to your specification in the Group By field:



You can use the Advanced Options and Style Options links on the left to further customize your chart, doing such things as adding a secondary statistic or changing the color or type of chart/graph that displays the results.

Click the Data tab in the upper right to see the actual numbers that the graph represents:



*** Note: you will not be able to see the actual listings that match the criteria. You will only be able to see the number of listings. ***

When you are on the Data tab, you can export the results to a CSV file, which would make side by side analysis (if you are running the same search for multiple years/time frames) easier to perform.


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