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As a member of SmartMLS, you automatically get free website- the Matrix Agent Webpage.  If you do not already have a personal website, you may want to consider taking advantage of the Agent Webpage.  It is a pretty basic website, but it does allow you to have a branded presence on the internet

Go to My Matrix> Settings> My Information and click on Agent Webpage :

The first section of the setup screen is Activation .  Make sure you put a dot in front of Enable Agent Web Page , or else it will not be visible to anyone.

This is also where you can personalize a portion of the URL.  Enter your name, or any other combination of letters and numbers (punctuation is not allowed).

You may also give your webpage a Title here.

The next section, Homepage Content , allows you to enter text that will appear in the top center of your Agent Webpage.

The Additional Sections area at the bottom of Homepage Content allows you to import other information directly from the Portal Profile tab of Matrix ( My Matrix> Settings> My Information ):

The Map Area section allows you to determine the map area (if any) that opens up when visitors perform their own searches from your webpage.

Finally, there are a couple more sections at the bottom of the setup screen:

If you would like customers to be able to sign up with you from your webpage, make sure to put a check in the Include Sign-Up Form box in the Other Options section. Click here for detailed information about this process.

The Additional Domains section allows you to link to your Matrix Agent webpage from up to 5 other websites.

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