What is considered public marketing?


Any of the following would constitute public marketing of a property:

1. Displaying on an internet site.

2. Sharing on social media or in a restricted group created on a social media platform.

3. Placement of a sign at the property.

4. Advertising in any written publication.

5. Emailing agents and/or potential buyers.

6. Holding a broker tour or public open house.

7. Showing the property to potential buyers.


If you are entering a listing as Coming Soon, once the listing has been saved in Matrix as Coming Soon you may do any of these things except for holding a tour/open house and showing the property to potential buyers. Tours/open houses and showings cannot occur while the listing is in the Coming Soon status. However, you may enter a tour/open house for a Coming Soon listing provided the date of the event is after the listing has been activated in Matrix.

For a Delayed listing, no public marketing, tours/open houses or showings are permitted until the listing is Active on the MLS (unless it goes in as a Coming Soon listing, then the preceeding paragraph applies).

For a Withhold from MLS listing, all of these (including tours/open houses and showings) are permitted, but none of it will be augmented by or conducted through the SmartMLS.   

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