Using mobile device photos on listings

While you are able to load photos you have taken from a smartphone or tablet to your listings, and it is definitely convenient to be able to take photos from your mobile device, the reality is that these photos oftentimes do not look as good on listings as photos taken from a proper camera.

If you are going to use your mobile device to take listing photos, please be aware of the following issues that may occur:

  1. Photos taken in the portrait orientation (holding your phone upright, as opposed to sideways) generally appear tall and thin in Matrix.  This is because the photo slot to which you are loading the photo has an aspect ratio that is more of a square shape.  There will be additional white space on both sides of the photo to fill in the slot.  Photos taken in landscape (sideways/horizontal) match the aspect ratio more precisely and do not require the added white space.
  2. There is a known issue where, if you have uploaded photos taken from an iPhone to a listing, when you view that listing on an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) the photos are rotated 180 degrees, so they appear upside down.  This behavior does not happen when viewing that same listing on a Windows-based computer.  If this happens, the resolution is to open the original photo file on your computer, rotate it 360 degrees (all the way around) and then save it under a new file name.  Upload the new file and it should be fixed.

For the best quality, we recommend that you take all of your listing's photos with a real camera, as opposed to a camera that is part of a mobile device (smartphone, tablet).

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