How to partially save a listing (Incomplete listing)

When you are entering a listing in Matrix, you do not have to complete the entire listing in one session.  You can save your work at any point, even if you are not ready to make the listing live/Active.  This is called an Incomplete (INC) listing.

The very first tab in listing input is the Status tab.  If you want to save your work, but not make the listing Active just yet, just go to the Status tab and make sure the status is set to Incomplete before you hit the Submit Listing button to save your work:


If it is the first time you are saving the listing, you will get an Input Succeeded message and Matrix will generate a list number for you:


If this is an existing INC listing that you have gone back into to do some more work, when you save it as Incomplete any subsequent times you will get the Input Succeeded message that lets you know your work has been saved:


If you do not get the Input Succeeded message, you should see a red link at the bottom of the screen (it will appear regardless of which tab you are currently on when you click Submit Listing):


If you click the red link, Matrix will tell you exactly what is preventing you from saving the listing:


There will also be a red exclamation point on any tab where there is a problematic field:


After you address any field(s) that Matrix was complaining about, click Submit Listing again.

*** You must get the Input Succeeded message before closing out of the listing input form or you risk losing your work. ***

You can continue to go back into your INC listing and edit it (and then save your work) as often as you need to.  Once it is ready to go, make sure to go back to the Status tab, switch it to Active and hit Submit Listing- that will make the listing available to all SmartMLS subscribers and their clients.

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