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In July 2019, SmartMLS added a new feature to our system that allows sellers, should they choose, to not have their property listed on the MLS as a traditional active listing that is visible to all MLS subscribers and their customers.  These are called Withhold from MLS listings (abbreviated as WFMLS).

In this scenario, the property must still be listed on the MLS, but the list agent puts a check in the Withhold from MLS check box (on the Status tab) during Add/Edit that makes the listing invisible to everyone but the list agent, their office's management hierarchy (office Broker, manager and admins) and SmartMLS staff.

There is no way for Matrix users to be able to search for Withhold from MLS listings, since they are not meant to be seen by anyone. To ensure that no one will ever see a Withhold from MLS listing (unless it is their own listing), Matrix programmers have defaulted every search that is run in Matrix (whether it is a normal search or an auto email/saved search) to automatically exclude all Withhold from MLS listings. 

That is why, if you look at the search criteria summary section (at the bottom of your search results screen), you will see a line in there that says WFMLS is no, even though you never actually added that criteria to your search.

Here is it on a regular search:



And here it is on an auto email:







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