Adding notes from a listing Cart

After you have sent listings to a Cart for one of your Matrix Contacts, you can add a specific note/message for the Contact on any of the listings.

Start off by selecting the desired cart from the My Carts widget on the Matrix home page.  Once the cart opens, you will notice there is a little icon for each listing (between the Emailed and MLS# columns).  When you click the icon, a yellow window will open that allows you to enter a message to your contact about this specific listing:


Once you are done, make sure to click Add Note .  If not, your message will not be saved.

You may enter a Note for as many listings as you desire.

When your Contact visits their Portal to view the listings you have sent them, they will also see a new message notification in the upper left.  The notes you have left them will appear when they click the Property Notes tab:


The Contact can reply to your note by clicking Add Note .

You will get a notification when a Contact leaves you a note in the Recent Portal Visitors widget on the Matrix home page:


Additionally, if you have set up Portal Notifications, you can also be notified of any Portal Notes via text message.  There is a link to setting up Portal Notifications in the Related articles section at the bottom of this article.

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