Auto Email columns (My Matrix> Auto Emails)


If you go to My Matrix> Auto Emails, you can see a list of all of the auto emails you have set up in Matrix. There is a ton of important information you can glean about your contact and how their search/automatic email are configured right from this screen:


  • There is a check box on the left hand side that allows you to select one or more Auto Emails to either Disable or run a Market Update on (we will cover Market Update later in this article).
  • The second column is a drop down arrow that allows you to expand the Auto Email and view all sorts of information:mceclip1.png 

    • Settings- these are the settings from when you initially set up the auto email. It includes the Contact to which the email is attached, the subject/message that appears when an email is sent, Concierge mode status, delivery schedule, etc.
    • Criteria- allows you to view and edit the search criteria.
    • Results- view all of the listings that match the search.
    • Market Update- will show you the listings that match the search over a specific period of time; if you have run the search manually in the past, you can also choose to see any matches since the last time you ran the search.
    • Open in Portal- opens the listings in the Portal so you see them exactly as the Contact sees them when they open your email.
    • Resend Welcome- if the Contact never received the initial email that gets sent when you save their Auto Email, you can click this to resend that initial email. Note: no other auto emails will be sent to the Contact (even when matching properties are found) until they open the Welcome Email and click the link within.
    • Delete Auto Email- delete this particular auto email.
  • The Status column gives information about the auto email's status:

mceclip2.png means the Auto Email is active and the next email will be sent according to the schedule.

mceclip3.pngmeans the Contact has been sent the Welcome Email but has not yet opened it. They will not get any more emails (even if new matching listings are found) until they open the Welcome Email and click the link to view the listings.

mceclip4.pngmeans the Contact has clicked the Unsubscribe link and disabled the Auto Email. They must go through the opt in process in order to receive any emails from Matrix (not just auto emails).

Note: if you hold your mouse cursor over any of the icons, Matrix will tell you what it means.

  • Subject- this is the text you entered in the subject line of the auto email when you set it up.
  • Contact Name- this is the Contact the auto email is associated with.
  • BCC- there will be a Yes in this column if you are set up to get a blind carbon copy of any emails that are sent in this auto email.
  • Schedule- shows you the schedule that you set up for email delivery (ASAP, daily, weekly, etc.).
  • Concierge- if you have set the auto email in Concierge Mode, it shows the number of listings that are awaiting approval.
  • Portal Visit- shows you the last time the Contact has visited their Portal.






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