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So, a client calls you up, tells you what they are looking for and wants you to let them know what properties are currently available.  What do you do?

Start off by going to and log in with your user name and password.  That will open up the SmartMLS Member Dashboard , where you will see a whole bunch of options:


Click CoreLogic Matrix (in the upper left corner) to get started.

Once the home page opens, you should see the main menu bar going across the top of the screen:


To look for listings, regardless of whether or not they are currently available for sale, go to the Search tab. If you just place your mouse cursor over the tab, a menu will open up that gives you many different types of searches:


You can search by individual property types, search for tax/public records, perform agent or office roster searches, and more. A couple things to note:

  • The top option, Residential , covers both Single Family and Condo properties. When you open that search ( SF & CO Search ), you can narrow it down to one or the other (or search both at the same time).

  • If you hover over the word Residential , another menu will appear on the right. This is where you can search for Rental properties, as well as run a Hotsheet search:


  • Cross Property allows you to search multiple property types at the same time. This is the only way to do a single search that spans different property types.

  • Because there is a finite amount of space on the search menu, it is adaptive- it will remember the types of searches you do most frequently and keep them on the Search menu all the time. If there are searches that you never run, eventually they will drop off of the main Search tab (to conserve room). However, you can still access the entire search menu, including those that have dropped off, by clicking the More option at the bottom.

Once you have chosen the desired search ( Residential , for example), the screen opens and you may begin entering the criteria:


The only field that fills in automatically is the Status, which defaults to just searching for listings that are currently available for sale (Active).  You can certainly change this or add other statuses to it, if necessary.

With some of the statuses, such as Closed, you will notice that Matrix will fill in a date range in the fields to the right. The default (0-365) means that Matrix will look back 1 year from the current date when searching for Closed listings:


You do not have to keep the default range. You can click in the field, back space through 0-365 and enter your own number of days. A zero in this field represents the current date.

You can also enter specific dates in this field. For instance: enter 05/01/2021-05/13/2021 to search between May 1st and May 13th.

There is also a calendar icon to the right of that field (highlighted in orange above) that allows you to select a specific date range:


If you are searching within the two months that are visible, simply click on your start and end dates.

If you need to go further back or forward in time, use the arrows in the top left/right corners of the calendar. The single arrows (orange) will move you back/forward one month at a time. The double arrows (pink) will move you back/forward one year at a time.

Now, just go about entering the criteria of the properties you are looking for (price, town, beds, baths, etc.). You do not need to fill out every field on the screen. You only need to fill in the field that are relevant to your search.

There are far more fields in our database than will fit on the search screen. We have tried to place the most used/relevant fields on the search by default. But there may be some fields that you need to use that are not currently on the search screen. You can add other fields using the Additional Fields section at the bottom of the screen. Click here for instructions on adding fields to a search.

As you enter criteria, you can see the number of matching properties in the bottom left of the screen. Once you are done entering criteria, hit the Enter key on your keyboard to see the matching properties. You can also click the Results tab in the upper right or the Results button in the bottom left.

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