How are listings handled under Matrix Teams?

With the introduction of the new Team functionality in Matrix, the process of entering and closing out a listing is slightly different, as there are now fields on the listing entry and Change to Under Contract-CTS , Change to Under Contract and Change to Closed forms to accommodate for Team information.

Listing Input
Up until now, when entering a listing where the list agent was on a team, you would have to choose which to make the primary list agent: the team or the individual list agent.  The one that was not made the primary list agent could then be added as the co-list agent, but that left no room for any actual co-list agent information.  With our new Teams functionality, there are now fields that allow the information for both the list agent and their team to display on the listing while still leaving room for a co-list agent and their team (if they are part of one).

When you are entering the listing, here is how the list agent and office information appears at the bottom of the Contract tab:


The individual agent must always be entered in the top field ( List Agent's MLS ID ), and the team number is entered in the List Team field beneath.  The same applies for the co-list agent and their team (if applicable).

Note: the Team fields are not required during Add/Edit.  If you are entering a listing and are not part of a team, you can simply skip over the fields and move along.

Changing to Under Contract-CTS, Under Contract or Closed
When marking a listing UC-CTS/Under Contract/Closed and the sales agent is part of a team, the same principles apply.  The individual agent ID is entered as the Sales Agent and then the Team number is entered as the Sales Team.  The same holds true for the co-sales agent and their team (if applicable).

Here is an example from the Change to Closed form:


Remember- the Teams fields are not required when in any of these forms.  If the sales or co-sales agent is not a member of a team, you can just ignore the Team fields completely.

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